mac mail search not working

How to fix mac mail search not working quite a couple of occasions I've had to assist clients in finding out why Apple Mail's search function wasn't working. It's strange to be looking right at a message about baseball that doesn't show up once you look for "baseball" within Mail. Kinda causes you to want to punch things just a touch bit.

If that starts happening to your Mac, there are a few of the way to urge it going again. First, you'll force Spotlight to reindex your entire drive. While this method may take longer, if you're not comfortable with finding and deleting files from your Library folder as I describe below, it's going to be the higher way for you. For this, visit System Preferences> Spotlight, click on the "Privacy" tab, then either click the plus button at the bottom-left corner to feature your entire Macintosh HD to the exclusions list or embroil the drive from your Desktop if it shows up there. You'll see a scary warning once you do:

Now you'll want to pick that drive and click on the minus button to get rid of it. This force Spotlight to start out it's indexing once again, and you'll click on the Spotlight icon on the upper-right corner of your screen to ascertain its progress.